On-demand webinar: The leader as a coach

28/04/2020 | 12 minute watch

Mike Straw


As our teams have become remote, as their lives – both personal and professional – become more stressful and uncertain, and as the working world continually recalibrates in response to the current pandemic, the role of a leader as a coach has never been more important. In an era where the traditional ‘control, order, predict’ mode of leadership is no longer tenable, what steps can you take to support your teams, not only to survive these difficult times, but to thrive in the certainty of their own commitments and objectives?

In this webinar, we introduce you to the core assumptions of a coach-leader. We’ll explore how our individual context and ‘modes of listening’ effect our ability to effectively coach and what a powerful coach can do to begin to unleash the possibility in their teams.