On-demand webinar: Post crisis growth

28/04/2020 | 8 minute watch

Mike Straw


So, what’s next? It’s exceptionally difficult in these disruptive times to look to the future. As uncertainty looms large and we’re bombarded with ever-more negative statistics in the news, how can we find the space to focus on the ‘bigger picture’. The concept of ‘Post Traumatic Growth’ was first coined by phycologists in the mid-90s to describe an individual who doesn’t just ‘return to normal’ but experiences transformational growth and personal development after a trauma or crisis. So, how can we translate this concept to our work? How do we come through the current Covid-19 pandemic and not just return to ‘business as usual’? Instead, how can we use this time to develop new understanding of the world and embody with a new sense of purpose and possibility for our teams and organisations?

In our final webinar of this series we look to the future. How can you ensure that you are ‘powerful’ in leading your teams through this crisis? Explore what you can do to open new possibilities whilst remaining grounded in the present. Discover the importance of celebrating ‘breakthroughs’ and how you can use this time to thrive as an individual and as a leader.