On-demand webinar: Managing the mood

28/04/2020 | 5 minute watch

Mike Straw


It is evident that the outbreak of Covid-19 has had a negative impact on our shared mood. Feelings of uncertainty and anxiety coupled with a dramatic shift in our lifestyles, domestic and working life and sense of ‘normality’ will continue to impact how we feel for some time to come. And yet, for some, we are faced with an additional challenge: to be engaged, to successfully collaborate (albeit virtually) with our colleagues and customers and remain productive – all as an uncertain world spins around us.

So, how do you, as a business leader, manage your mood and that of your teams’ during these uncertain and stressful times?

In this webinar we lift the lid of the impact of mood and provide some invaluable insights into how you become fully present to ‘mood’ – your own and others. We explore what it means (as many of us understandably are) to be in a state of ‘survival’, and what you can do to shift this into a creative space, generating a positive mood of resilience and choicefulness for you and your teams.