On-demand webinar: Leading in a virtual world

28/04/2020 | 7 minute watch

Mike Straw


‘Work’ for many has changed. The commute is from the bedroom to the dining room, team meetings take place via unknowingly (un-)muted microphones, and chats around the coffee machine have become endless WhatsApp memes shared between colleagues. And yet, as leaders, many of us have the same deliverables, objectives and targets as we did before the out-break of Covid-19. The current crisis has precipitated an urgent need for us to push beyond our usual ways of working, and embrace technology (virtual meetings, Teams, Skype, Zoom and so on) to facilitate the leadership and development of our teams in these unusual times.

In this webinar we break some of the assumptions we often hold around leading remotely. Explore how you can effectively engage with your teams in a virtual meeting; from set-up best practice to effective meeting management. Take away some practical ‘tips-and-tricks’ to support you as a leader at this current moment and in the future.