On-demand webinar: Decision making

28/04/2020 | 4 minute watch

Mike Straw


Over the past few weeks we have witnessed our global leaders making unprecedented decisions, directly impacting lives, employment, welfare and safety of millions of people. Effective, speedy decision making has never been more important. And yet, we’re also living in a time where nothing is certain. For many, the outlook is opaque, the future hard to predict and the ‘certainties’ and ‘probabilities’ we previously relied upon have vanished. So how, in this context, do we make effect decisions for our companies and teams?

In this webinar we explore the mindsets, behaviours and processes at the heart of effective decision making. We identify the traps that we all stumble into which affect our decision-making ability. Andoffer insights into how leaders can ensure that the often difficult decisions they are being asked to make are supported, well-informed and quick, to ensure your business and teams can keep moving in this challenging landscape.