On-demand webinar: Staying fully charged

23/04/2020 | 60 minute webinar

Mike Straw


Gemma Toner

Lead Consultant

Right now, leaders and individuals need a new set of strategies to stay powerful and present in the face of the uncertainty and adversity we’re currently navigating. For many of us, our usual ways of ‘recharging’ are no longer available to us. However, at this moment it’s more pressing than ever that we’re ‘fully charged’.

In this webinar we explore how you can be in the most powerful, energised place to lead effectively and authentically support your teams. We look at where you individually source your energy from and what impact our energy and emotions can have on our teams. We think about what we can learn from the current situation, and how, despite the obstacles we currently face, we can remain energised to support ourselves and those around us.

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