Winnie Longhurst

Programme Support

People are amazing, given the right circumstances and mindset. I get a real kick out of working with an incredible group of people to help bring that about, again and again!

Winnie is a people and process person with an in-depth understanding of OD and change management methodology.  A qualified coach and project manager, Winnie’s spent her career delivering large corporate OD projects in culture change, leadership, staff engagement and development as well as software implementation. Winnie is passionate about delivering client programmes on time and to budget whilst sharing in the exceptional people development results we achieve.

My favourite breakthrough moment

It started with Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to have run the entire Boston Marathon in 1966 whilst women were still banned from entering because of their gender.  She ran and finished the race unofficially, challenging prevalent prejudices and misconceptions about women's athletic capabilities, leading to women being allowed to compete officially in 1972.






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